To really experience all that's involved in Tree Swallow nesting you'll need to create your own project, with one nest
box or several, and we heartily encourage you to do that.  However, we think the next best thing is follow this blog of
one Tree Swallow nesting season at the Salmon Creek Tree Swallow Project.  In it you'll accompany us into the field
as we watch our birds from their arrival in early spring until their departure in mid-summer.  We'll describe what we
see and aspects of their behavior, ecology, and biology we witness  Plus, we'll discuss our own motivations, concerns
and the management techniques we use as we attempt to help these beautiful birds reproduce.  We believe it's the
closest thing to being there.

You may wonder whether a single season is enough, and we agree, it really isn't.  But, although the details do vary in
frequency and intensity from year to year, the issues themselves, competing for critical resources, dealing with
weather, finding food, avoiding predation, parasites, etc., all remain the same, each year, every year.  The Tree
Swallows must deal with them throughout their lives in order to survive, so this one season can represent them all.

So, we hope you enjoy our nesting season narrative.  It's in a PDF which you can access by clicking


One Nesting Season with the
Tree Swallows at Salmon Creek
Learn About Birds at Tree Swallow Nest Box Projects