Please feel free to contact us regarding anything concerning Tree Swallows.  We can't guarantee
we'll be able to answer all
Tree Swallow questions, but we'll do our best, or at least suggest other
sources of information if we can.  We know that during the nesting season people sometimes face
crisis situations with their birds that require prompt actions, and we will try to respond to contacts of
this sort as soon as possible, hopefully within 24 hours.  At other times of the year a few days may
elapse between contact and response, so please be patient, we will answer.

We welcome feedback.  Positive is always nice, but negative is ok, because it forces us to evaluate,
address, and correct the web site's deficiencies.  Return visitors will notice that we are constantly
tweaking things, editing text, adding pictures, etc., striving for improvement.  If we've got something
wrong or your experience differs from ours, let us know.  The last thing we want is to disseminate or
perpetuate inaccuracies.  

So don't hesitate.  If there's something you wish to say, ask or share use the e-mail address below.  

Chris Gates
Salmon Creek Tree Swallow Project
Hilton, NY

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