Creating Tree Swallow Nest Box Projects:
  • So, you think you might want to create a Tree Swallow nest box project?  The
    pages listed at left will take you through the process, step by step.  
  • Naturally, you'll need to know something about Tree Swallows, especially their
    basic habitat and nesting requirements.  
  • You'll have to find a suitable project site and get permission to use it.
  • You'll have to build boxes designed for Tree Swallows and locate them where
    your swallows won't face competition from other birds.  
  • Your boxes must be mounted securely and protected from predators.  
  • Make no mistake, there's work involved.

  • But don't be intimidated.  This isn't rocket science.  You can do it!  
  • However, you must understand that when you create a Tree Swallow nest box
    project you are enticing wild birds to nest in structures you provide in locations
    you have chosen.  This makes you at least partially responsibility for the
    survival of the adult birds you attract and the young they try to raise.  
  • You have an obligation to do it right, to minimize risks and maximize benefits for
    the swallows that accept your boxes.  Their welfare must always come first.

  • Bottom line: If you do decide to create a Tree Swallow nest box project, take
    your responsibilities seriously.  You must plan carefully, and execute and
    manage your project correctly.

  • If you can't make this commitment, stop right here!  If you aren't willing to do it
    right, please don't do it at all.  
  • But, if you do commit and follow through, your swallows will repay you many
    times over with the pleasure, satisfaction, and learning you receive.

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