What are Nest Box Records?
  • Nest Box Records (click link to see printable form and also see example
    below) are running logs you keep for each box in your project.  
  • They let you see at a glance the history of each nesting attempt in that
    particular box from start to finish over the course of a season.
  • It helps to keep Nest Box Records in a binder with numbered dividers for each
    box.  In fact it's a good idea to organize all your project records for a given year
    in one binder for easy reference.

Where does Nest Box Record information come from?
  • This is data you transfer from Box Check Records onto individual Nest Box
    Record sheets, plus any remarks, concerns, or speculations you have
    regarding that particular nesting attempt.
  • The Nest Box Record displayed here includes fields for adult age and color, and
    for adult and nestling banding data.  A simpler printable version is also available.

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Nest Box Records