What is a Season Summary sheet?
  • A Season Summary (click link to see an example and also see example below)
    reports a set of important nesting statistics that indicate the reproductive
    success of the Tree Swallows at your project that year.  
  • It can also include a narrative or list of situations or events that season that may
    have influenced nesting and should be recorded for future reference.  
  • Obviously, Season Summaries are compiled after the season is completed.

The Season Summary sheet offered here includes the following fields:
  • Boxes and Nesting Attempts:
Number of boxes available
Number of Boxes Used
Percent of Boxes Used
Number of Nesting Attempts (boxes may have more than one)
  • Eggs:
First egg date at the project
Number laid
Average clutch size
Clutch Range (from lowest number to highest number of eggs
Clutch Mode (most common number of eggs)
  • Nestlings:
Total number of eggs that hatched
Percent of eggs that hatched
Causes of egg mortality (takeovers, thrown out, broken, unknown)
Average brood size (young per nest at hatch)
Brood Range at hatch (from lowest to highest number of young)
Brood Mode at hatch (most common number of young)
Number of living nestlings on day 12
Average brood at day 12
Brood Range at day 12
Brood Mode at day 12
  • Fledging:
Number of nestlings that fledged
Percent of eggs laid that fledged
Percent of nestlings hatched that fledged
Causes of nestling mortality when known
  • Weather Factors:  
Brief summary of weather trends during nesting.
  • Other/Remarks:  Whatever else you want to add regarding the season.  This
    could be unusual events or behaviors, different things you tried to improve the
    project, issues you explored or dealt with, etc.

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